What Patients Are Saying

"We were looking for someone to help my 92 year old Mom with managing a shoulder issue.  Dr Ben and Thrive was highly recommended from a friend.  From our very first visit we knew this was the place for her.  The care, knowledge and support was beyond 5 stars.  The office and staff so friendly and kind.  There is something to be said about Bella the therapy/office dog!!!  To date my Mom is doing her exercises and “Thriving”  Thank you so much for taking such good care of her!"

"I had an excellent experience at Thrive Physical Therapy!  Ben and Aaron are knowledgeable, understanding and flexible to adjust the exercises based upon what was working for me. Though I was seeing them for ankle pain, Aaron did a great job of giving tips and exercises that will help me holistically. I appreciated their understanding of my running goals for the season and worked with me to adjust so I could continue running and ultimately meet my goal. I highly recommend Thrive Physical Therapy and would not hesitate go back should I need additional PT."

"This place is great.  Ben and team are organized, thorough and deliver real results. I have been in many times over the years for various sports-related injuries and am always impressed with the information I get from Ben along with a clear and effective plan. They are always motivated to get me back to my sport which is an attitude I greatly appreciate."

"Dr Ben and Dr Aaron have been amazing in helping me overcoming some pain related to running. They have empowered me by giving me exercises and stretches I can do at home to help increase my strength and flexibility! They are very responsive to my questions via email and offer plenty of options for getting an appointment scheduled! I'd HIGHLY recommend them!"

 "I am glad I decided to give Physical Therapy one more try.  Previous experiences have been less than stellar! Thrive PT excels in excellence in every aspect of care. Dr. Ben is knowledgeable, attentive and accommodating. He developed a customized treatment plan to help me achieve my goals and avoid surgery.  I strongly recommend Thrive PT." 

"I am so thankful I went to Thrive after dealing with a shoulder injury and knee tendinitis. Ben was excellent at being a great communicator...asking questions, listening, and making sure I understood the therapy program he put together for me. The staff overall is very kind and caring. There was a time I had a scheduling conflict and Thrive was so helpful to work with me and get me in for an appointment. If you are looking for help to get back on track (or out on the basketball court in my case), I highly recommend a visit to Thrive Physical Therapy." 

"I recently has a knee replacement and the road to recovery can be tough. Ben and Aaron are amazing and very knowledgeable. Their experience having seen my procedure gave me the confidence to push hard when needed, yet, the tools to recover as well. Thrive’s office is very welcoming and comfortable. I highly recommend Thrive PT to anyone that is rebounding from an injury and wants to recover quickly in confident hands." 

"After my accident, my chiropractor recommended Thrive for my physical therapy on my back and legs.  Dr. Ben and his staff were excellent in providing the right therapy as well as explaining what and why they were doing their procedures on me.  After going 2-3 times a week, down to a couple times a month, I no longer needed to see them as a result!  I very much recommend Thrive and their staff are excellent!!!"

"I have seen Ben for injuries to my shoulder and my knee and for some lower back pain which have improved greatly under his care.  He is very knowledgeable, kind and patient and explains the stretches and exercises clearly and makes sure that they are being done correctly.  He is able to focus solely on my treatment during the appointment since he does not see more than one patient at a time."

"The staff at Thrive is caring and professional. I went in with a specific need but Dr. Ben took a holistic approach with great suggestions for head-to-toe exercises. Of course, my specific issues were addressed as well. I couldn't be more satisfied!"

"I went to Thrive PT about 3 months after a hip replacement.  The staff was friendly and professional, and the treatment effective. After thoroughly questioning me about my goals for the therapy, Aaron defined and, over a couple of weeks, adjusted an exercise plan to meet those goals. He did an excellent job of explaining the problems I was having with my hip and how the exercises would address them. I saw improvement in the first week. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else."

"I was able to work with Dr. Colin regarding a nerve injury in my neck. Not only was he able to eliminate severe nerve pain and restore strength,  we were also able to address chronic migraines that I have had for almost 25 years. I am so thankful for the skills this clinic has, the listening ear, and knowledge they share."

"I found Thrive through a google search.  I was looking for a private clinic that would not rush me through and would listen carefully in order to tailor a plan for me.  I really wanted to avoid a clinic where the therapists are booked with multiple patients at once.  Thrive was exactly what I was looking for.  I was able to get an appointment right away. They were willing to work with workers comp,  even when WC was saying that I was hitting a limit, they were willing to submit the extra paperwork without making me feel bad.

I worked with Colin, DPT for about 5-6 months.  I thought I had a nerve issue in my wrist/forearm which was causing a decrease in my grip strength and was also aggravated by mouse use at work as a registered nurse.  Colin quickly discovered that it was originating in my neck, 1st rib, and brachial plexus.  He not only gave me strengthening and stretching exercises that were practiced in the office, he focused on myofascial release, a soft tissue treatment, for most of my appointments.

It was amazing to see the progress that was made.  It made me a true believer  and I would go back to see Colin in a heartbeat.  He taught me how to care for myself not just through the injury but long term.  I feel equipped to help myself if I feel a twinge.   It made me aware of how my body all works together and how to help it.  

The staff was all friendly and helpful too. Very convenient location, easy check in, easy scheduling.

Thanks Thrive!!!"

"I have had a great experience at Thrive working with Aaron! He listens and is focused on helping me achieve my goals. I have a history of hip pain and my therapy has been a great blend of exercises and stretches to work on at home as well as hands on work at the clinic. Aaron has been super helpful in not only working on my hip, but other areas that may also be contributing to my pain. Overall it has been a great experience and I would highly recommend Thrive Physical Therapy!"

"I’m so glad that my husband and I were referred to Thrive Physical Therapy by our chiropractor! Dr Ben is kind, dedicated, and truly connects with his patients. We both came in with knee issues from training for multiple different races and we couldn’t be happier with the results from physical therapy - after only a month Dr Ben had me back to a place where I could run without pain, my flexibility had greatly improved, and the strength in my legs, lower back, and core has continued to grow every single time I go in to see him. We cannot say enough good things about Dr Ben and the ENTIRE office!!!"

"The entire team is wonderful. They checked my insurance before my visit to ensure that the therapy was covered. Ben is a great listener and cares about my recovery. Very personalized approach. I would highly recommend."

"This is “the place” you want to go for physical therapy. Dr. Ben and Amanda are so welcoming and genuinely want to see you meet your goals to get you back to the life you want to live. I especially appreciate Dr. Ben’s knowledge and experience and that he LISTENS (a dying art),  and puts a plan together that isn’t just following a basic protocol based on a diagnosis. I am confident that working with Dr. Ben, I will meet all my goals."

"First of all they are prompt, no long waits!  Ben is also very skilled and teaches instead of preaches, empowering me to continue on my own.  This means not having to continue treatments for years, but knowing what to avoid and how to keep myself in better physical health.  He is by far the absolute best physical therapist I’ve gone to and would highly recommend Thrive to anyone...young or old!  He’s exceptional with all ages and areas of the body."

"Personal and Professional in every way! Amanda greets you with a smile and makes sure you’re attended to right away. She is very organized and walks you through the information needed for your visit. She also helps set up appointments around your schedule for your convenience. Dr. Ben is very personable and listens to your every concern. He takes the time to go through your health history and what has lead up to the injury or reason why you’re there. He then creates a detailed plan to help with recovery, and explains it to you ahead of time so you know what you’re getting into. If you’re looking for a great physical therapist experience, Thrive PT is the place to go!"

"Chapel Hill Academy has been partnering with Thrive Therapy since the beginning. As part of our Corporate Partner Program- we look for local businesses who have a heart for others, build and foster community,  and truly want to make a difference in each person's life they meet!  Ben and Amanda emulate all three of these characteristics and more! We are so thankful to know and work with Thrive and highly recommend the level of care they provide.

They are such an important part of our community and have supported the school enabling additional scholarships, new STEM and Technology advancements,  and increased opportunities to students thanks to their support!  We are so thankful for their desire to impact our students and families and couldn't fulfill our mission without them! Thank you Thrive Physical Therapy!"

"Best treatment center for all areas of your body pain if you have pain then Colin is your man he most definitely gets back in shape!!" 

“I love collaborating with Thrive PT! Not only are they kind, professional, and effective, but their office and team go above-and-beyond what is "expected" for healthcare and truly make their patients feel welcome and taken care of. I feel confident referring patients, friends, and family members to this office. This is the "go-to" physical therapy office in the SW-metro!”

"Ben is far and away from the best physical therapist I've had. I’ve suffered from chronic ankle pain most of my life which resulted in two surgeries. While they helped, pain and significantly reduced range of motion remained a constant and were keeping me from the activities I loved. Other medical professionals told me it would never get better. Frustrated and clinging to hope I found Thrive Physical Therapy. After 6-weeks of working with Ben, I made remarkable improvements. Improvements I had dreamt of, but never imagined would become a reality. The care Ben gives and the environment he and Amanda create is truly remarkable. I am immensely grateful that I found Thrive — I only wish that I had found them sooner."

"Last fall I was diagnosed by my chiropractor with a "frozen shoulder". Just getting in & out of the car was painful. He recommended that physical therapy may be helpful. I went to Thrive because I knew that no referral from my M.D. was needed which made the process easy. Dr. Ben was professional, compassionate and quickly gave me a number of physical therapy exercises that I could do in the privacy of my home between treatments in the clinic. Amanda was most helpful to coordinate the administrative piece and prompt with phone calls and emails for scheduling. Thanks to Dr. Ben, I was able to fully enjoy my trip to Disney world:) Thank you!!"

"Great team at Thrive. After surgery and almost two years of knee injury I had almost given up on returning to full activity. 3 months of PT at Thrive turned that around. I am now back to full activity- running, backpacking, martial arts. I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Ben and the team at Thrive. Highly recommended!" 

"I was so thankful and pleased with the help I received from Dr. Ben.  I had a frozen shoulder and after therapy, with Dr. Ben, I have much more movement and much less pain!  Ben and Amanda were so helpful and kind. I will definitely go back there if PT is ever needed again!”

"Dr. Ben and Amanda are amazing and have changed my life!  A little background info...  I have a very rare connective tissue disorder, a rare autoimmune disease, and a 2nd autoimmune disease yet to be identified.  This has led to severe, chronic pain throughout my body with too many secondary diagnoses to list in a review.  My least favorite part is the continual rib dislocations, with as many as 10 ribs dislocated at a time.  Multiple chiropractors and doctors have said they have never seen anyone with ribs like mine.  Not even once.  That's a scary place to find oneself.

When I began treatment with Dr. Ben, I thought I was stuck in a downward spiral.  I was wrong.  At that time, I was able to get no more than 90 minutes of sleep in a night.  He started me on light exercises designed to strengthen my rib joints, as well as all the other problem joints throughout my body, along with balance exercises for chronic migraines/vertigo.  I completed the exercise routine prescribed by Dr. Ben every day I could, and within a few weeks, I began to notice a difference.  A month after that I was sleeping 3+ hours a night and fast forward to today I am able to get 6 or 7 hours of sleep most nights.  There are no cures for what I have yet, but with Dr. Ben's guidance, my quality of life has improved greatly.  I have even been able to play catch with my 6-year-old son, which seemed like an impossibility just a few months before.  What a blessing!  I could go on and on, and it would all be positive feedback.  Thank you, Ben and Amanda!"

"Ben/Amanda, over the past year or so I’ve had three different occasions to need your services. I had been in an automobile accident and had gotten injured playing sports. Having met you through a chamber event turned out to be one of the best meetings ever. You were able to help me overcome some very long term-  pre-accident- issues with my back, my shoulder, and my leg. Because of the excellent, professional, and very caring treatment that I received I am back to playing golf and racquetball as well as I ever have!     Even though I live in Bloomington your location in Chanhassen is so easy to get to and so convenient with plenty of parking available that it made making my appointments a breeze. You are certainly free and encouraged to give my name to anyone contemplating using your services. Hopefully, the next time I see you will be socially and not medically!"

"Thrive PT is a wonderful clinic.  Dr. Ben and Amanda have a great personal touch when dealing with their patients and helping them get back to health.  Very professional but yet with a caring touch. Highly recommend!"

"Thrive has a great facility that is clean and welcoming, and Dr. Ben is as good as it gets. They have all the equipment and expertise of the big hospital run operations, but with more personal attention to detail. Highly recommended"

"Ben and Amanda are wonderful!  The stretches & strengthening exercises he has taught me are working very well for my pain.  Amanda makes scheduling a breeze and they sell professional strength cool therapy spray that is wonderful!"

"Dr. Ben is incredibly knowledgeable and very nice. He listens to you and tries to understand what’s going on so he can best come up with a plan of treatment. Amanda is as sweet as can be and makes communicating with Thrive easy!"

"I have had issues for years which Ben started solving from the very first session. His knowledge & attention to detail has beat the much larger competition in such a short time, I could not be happier & look forward to finally eliminating issues that have plagued me for years. Nice work Ben!"

"I've had issues with hypermobility for years and kept getting hurt   I had severe hip pain and could barely walk when I found Thrive online and called Amanda who got me an appointment with Dr. Ben.  Within minutes of seeing Dr. Ben and doing some exercises, I could actually walk without tremendous pain.  We determined the source of the pain and resolved it within a few months. Then I hurt my back, shoulder, neck, and toe-in which Dr. Ben gave me more exercises to do.
The exercises just take a couple of minutes a day and help give my body parts more stability.
Dr. Ben provides great instructions, describes what muscle is being strengthened to provide the stability, and lets me know muscles should be working for each exercise--so I don't hurt myself by compensating with a different muscle.
I really enjoy the stability and balance exercises that Dr. Ben suggested and that he could see the hypermobility while providing exercises that provide long term health, preventing injuries in the future.  
Having seen numerous PTs in the past, I would highly recommend Dr. Ben!  Amanda made appointments and dealing with insurance a breeze--which helps when a person is in so much pain."

"I have been dealing with BPPV and vestibular disorders for a few years now and the worst symptom is non stop vertigo and dizziness...this morning when the onset of the symptom got crazy out of hand and my regular therapist was a drive away and hard to get in...I got an easy appointment at Thrive... I could barely walk when I entered thrive and after the session there I was all set to go grocery shopping...its a miracle...the care, the diagnosis, and the treatment was very well described and thought over. Couldn't  wait to get fully cured and deal with this head-on!!" 

"I was suffering from tennis elbow for about 6 months. The kicker was, the original injury didn't happen to play tennis but, rather, lifting a too-heavy grocery bag the wrong way. (One of those pull and jerk deals. Yes, it was very bad form.) The pain was excruciating, like a number 15 on that 1 to 10 scale doctors use. I watched countless YouTube videos trying to diagnose/treat myself. Having gone through PT before, I should have known better and consulted a professional sooner. But, as they say, better late than never. So glad I did, and so glad that professional was Ben Bloomer. Over the course of 6 weeks, Ben worked diligently with me, finding just the right therapy to correct the issue. As with ANY physical therapy, the patient gets as much out of it as she or he put into it. That being said, Ben is no drill instructor.  (I've had one of those. They can be intimidating.) Ben offers clear and detailed therapies, correcting the patient's form as need be for a successful recovery. Both he and Amanda were so pleasant to work with, I actually looked forward to my PT appointments. That in and of itself should speak volumes for anyone needing physical therapy. Do yourself a favor, stop consulting the Internet and just make the call. You'll be glad you did.

P.S. As another reviewer mentioned, Bella, the "therapy" dog at Thrive is about the sweetest thing with four legs you'll ever meet." 

"I would highly recommend Thrive for anyone looking for some physical therapy. They were friendly, patient answering all of my questions, and extremely knowledgeable. I had ankle surgery nearly 5.5 years ago and my flexibility in that ankle has been slowly decreasing over the past couple of years. Ben gave me some excellent tips and exercises to regain mobility. They also have an option that allows you to receive a text message with a link to all of the exercises they recommended. This link includes videos of these exercises, a very nice option for those of us constantly on the go or traveling."

"I had been dealing with chronic shoulder pain for 5+ years after a weight lifting exercise in college. After a few appointments with Dr. Ben and some take-home exercises he gave me, I am happy to be pain-free now for 6 months. Dr. Ben is a miracle worker he was able to fix what others told me could only be corrected by surgery."

"Ben is doing an excellent job of treating my 83-year old mother!  He is compassionate and caring. He did a great job of assessing her problem and is successfully implementing a plan for her!"

Outcomes are driven by each and every patient we treat. Please either review us on Google or email (abloomer@thriveptmn.com) and tell us how Thrive helped you, so others can get the courage to speak up and pursue their pain free, stronger, and healthier goals.