What Patients are saying

"An outstanding option for physical therapy care has arrived in Chanhassen, MN! Dr. Ben Bloomer, DPT and his wife Amanda who manages the office, offer a friendly, caring and professional atmosphere where clients can feel valued and well cared for. Ben is highly competent and experienced in many areas of PT but has an expertise with orthopedic issues. Ben considers the whole person and not just the body part being treated so patients will feel listened to and deeply cared for when they go to Thrive PT. As a physical therapist myself, as well as a health and wellness coach, I highly recommend Thrive PT to my clients, my friends and my family."

"Ben worked with my son on post concussion headaches and balance issues.  He was knowledgeable in the exercises and restrictions that were given until the symptoms subsided.  Ben has a a great personality in working with his patients and would highly recommend him for physical therapy."

"Ben was able to get rid of the shoulder pain I have been dealing with for almost 10 years. Not only was he able to make the pain go away after a couple visits, but we also had a conversation about what activities were most likely be causing the issues with my shoulder so I could limit those activities and live pain free."

"I've seen Ben at Thrive for a pinched nerve in my shoulder. He worked on my shoulder several times and also gave me print outs and exercises I could do at home to manage it on my own. Highly recommend!"

 "I saw Ben for rehabilitation following significant surgery at a major hospital in Minnesota. After minimal improvement working with the PT department at the hospital, I consulted Ben who did a great job of listening to my concerns and providing several exercises that quickly allowed me to bounce back. I highly recommend." 

"Amanda and Ben are great! No need for doctor's reference for treatment to be covered by insurance. Easy flexible scheduling. I had a pelvic Symphysis Disorder in my pregnancy and was already seeing chiropractor weekly, but once started going to Thrive, had an improvement. It made a huge difference! Ben even adjust the exercise plan accordingly to my needs and pain level. He came up with an alternative standing and sitting exercises instead of laying down once. They also very kid friendly! I had to bring my 3 year old with me and they always had different coloring pictures on a clip board for her. And they let her join my exercise routine. Gave her some equipment. She was very exited to go there every time! Overall great experience! I definitely recommend them!" 

"Ben & Amanda are great. Ben is getting my neck, arm, elbow and hand healed- in plenty of time for the upcoming sports seasons ( along with the daily functions required of being a father of 3). Amanda is always smiling, knowledgeable, and responsive! She's fantastic. Go see Bloomer's, they will get you back on the road of life." 

"As a chiropractor and ART provider in Chanhassen, working with Thrive PT and its owners Dr. Ben Bloomer and his wife, Amanda, has been a pleasure. I have referred numerous patients to their practice and the feedback and patient experience has been nothing short of outstanding. Ben's level of competence is second to none and his implementation of cutting edge modalities and superb rehabilitation protocols makes Thrive PT a leader in physical therapy services and my go to for physical therapy when I am in need of a great therapist. Keep up the great work Ben!"

"I would highly recommend Thrive for anyone looking for some physical therapy. They were friendly, patient answering all of my questions, and extremely knowledgeable. I had ankle surgery nearly 5.5 years ago and my flexibility in that ankle has been slowly decreasing over the past couple years. Ben gave me some excellent tips and exercises to regain mobility. They also have an option that allows you to receive a text message with a link to all of the exercises they recommended. This link includes videos of these exercises, very nice option for those of us constantly on the go or traveling."

"I went to Ben for some post-concussion symptoms I was having. Not only did Ben solve the problems the fastest, but he was the friendliest Physical Therapist I had ever been to. If you are in need of physical therapy, Thrive is the place to go!"

"Ben is doing an excellent job of treating my 83-year old mother!  He is compassionate and caring. He did a great job of assessing her problem and is successfully implementing a treatment plan to alleviate her back pain and strengthen her body. He made her feel very comfortable and at ease.  She is experiencing significant improvement already! Thrive Physical Therapy is second to none in my book!"

"After a not-so-fun experience years ago with a physical therapist who I thought was going to break some ribs, I'd pretty much resigned myself to living with my shoulder pain until some day when I'm retired and no longer hunched over a keyboard for long hours every day. But then I met Ben, who promised he wouldn't make things hurt more than they already did. And, he was right! Four weeks in, the final knot gave way. Such relief. I could turn my head without feeling the tightness of the muscles, and no pain! In fact, every time I had a treatment, I felt better walking out than I did walking in. After 6 weeks, I "graduated" and have been working my exercises regularly since. So glad I found this place!"

"Ben and Amanda are great! I went to them about an old wrist injury from high school that I didn't think was ever going to get any better. Ben not only didn't make it any worse, but I was actually able to do more than a few push ups on it after some time working with him. Highly recommended!"

"The Thrive duo is wonderful! From professional friendly atmosphere to bedside manners and attention to care and detail. After a less than wonderful experience elsewhere, they really are a life saver. Ben is extremely knowledgeable and easy to understand. So happy to have found them! Highly recommending to everyone!"

"I had been dealing with chronic shoulder pain for 5+ years after a weight lifting exercise in college. After a few appointments with Dr. Ben and some take home exercises he gave me, I am happy to be pain free now for 6 months. Dr. Ben is a miracle worker, he was able to fix what others told me could only be corrected by surgery."